01:49AM EDT - Usually one of the bigger press events of Computex is Intel's Keynote. This year it will be hosted by Intel's Gregory Bryant, and we will be all-ears to hear what Intel is going to say about upcoming products.

01:50AM EDT - Ian and Anton here to bring you the news

01:51AM EDT - As with previous years, this presentation starts 10 minutes early with Taitra

01:51AM EDT - TAITRA organize the Computex show, so they get to decide some of the schedule

01:51AM EDT - As always, the Intel keynote tends to be well attended

01:52AM EDT - Internet connectivity can be a bit hit and miss

01:52AM EDT - So the first 10 minutes here is about TAITRA and the show. As well as the obligatory 'Intel is great' for being a top sponsor

01:54AM EDT - We've been writing up some quick news posts for later today from our meetings that started at 8am this morning

01:54AM EDT - 1600 exhibitors at Computex this year

01:56AM EDT - OK intro video

01:57AM EDT - Gregory Bryant to the stage

01:57AM EDT - SVP and GM of Client Computing Group

01:58AM EDT - Talking about gaming in the Olympics

01:58AM EDT - Now talking about Linkin Park, with an image of Chester

01:59AM EDT - 'My father made me want to be an engineer'

01:59AM EDT - Contribution towards global progress

01:59AM EDT - Intel's 50 year anniversary

02:00AM EDT - Take a retrospective look

02:00AM EDT - Moving the platform forward for the next 50 years

02:00AM EDT - Using the power of the collective platform

02:00AM EDT - Helping people be at their very best

02:00AM EDT - Three fundamental shifts in how the technology affects daily life

02:01AM EDT - 1) The Age of distraction

02:01AM EDT - Content is King

02:01AM EDT - We are so busy sharing content we are becoming blind on the ability to focus

02:01AM EDT - 'On average people are interrupted every 3 minutes'

02:01AM EDT - 'It can take 23 minutes to get back in the moment'

02:02AM EDT - 2) The Way We Work Is Changing

02:02AM EDT - The way we work and create is changing - in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution

02:02AM EDT - technology is being democratized

02:02AM EDT - How, where, why, and what people work on

02:03AM EDT - People want to work for companies whose ideals align with their own

02:03AM EDT - People want to contribute and make real progress

02:03AM EDT - 3) The Way we Connect is Evolving

02:03AM EDT - Technology has enabled to connect more frequency and better than ever

02:03AM EDT - Connect with like minded individuals

02:04AM EDT - Not only 1-on-1 but also communiries

02:04AM EDT - eg 400m eSports fans

02:04AM EDT - PC is where 8 out of 10 people go to play the most immersive games with family and friends

02:04AM EDT - Hashtags creates communities around topics

02:04AM EDT - The industry has an unprecedented opportunity ahead

02:05AM EDT - Intel can do three things: focus, create, and connect

02:05AM EDT - First up, FOCUS

02:05AM EDT - Intel can make the platform better

02:06AM EDT - Five areas: Perf, Battery, Connectivity, Form Factor, AI

02:06AM EDT - >So three top level things, and the first one has five second level segments, and the...

02:06AM EDT - Needs are more diverse than ever

02:06AM EDT - Starting with Performance

02:07AM EDT - 40 years ago, Intel introduced the 8086

02:07AM EDT - First x86 processor

02:07AM EDT - Core i7-8086K

02:07AM EDT - Limited Edition

02:08AM EDT - Intel's first 5 GHz turbo processor

02:08AM EDT - a 4.0 GHz clock speed out of the box

02:08AM EDT - Overclockable

02:08AM EDT - >So is that 4.0 base or 4.0 all-core ?

02:08AM EDT - 8086K had 29k transistors at 5 MHz

02:09AM EDT - UHD 630

02:09AM EDT - Turbo Boost 2.0, not 3.0

02:09AM EDT - Requires Intel 300-series motherboard

02:10AM EDT - >8086K isn't on ARK just yet

02:10AM EDT - Showing PUBG on 8086K

02:11AM EDT - On sale on June 8, the anniversary date

02:11AM EDT - Intel giving away 8086 of the processors

02:11AM EDT - >Technically our embargo on the details goes out at half past

02:11AM EDT - Now introducing Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake

02:11AM EDT - 8th Gen

02:12AM EDT - Double digit perf gains over Kaby Lake

02:12AM EDT - Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo

02:12AM EDT - 140 designs with whiskey/Amber coming in the fall

02:12AM EDT - Now battery

02:12AM EDT - 5 years ago we had 8 hours of battery, now we can get 20 hours

02:13AM EDT - measured in video playback

02:13AM EDT - Dell XPS 13 with 20+ hours of battery

02:13AM EDT - Biggest battery drain is the display

02:13AM EDT - Now have a 1W panel

02:14AM EDT - 25 hours with the new panel

02:14AM EDT - Panels from Innolux and Sharp

02:14AM EDT - Full HD panel

02:14AM EDT - add another 4-8 hours of battery life

02:14AM EDT - Without sacrificing perf

02:14AM EDT - Now connectivity

02:15AM EDT - This year had Gigabit Wi-Fi

02:15AM EDT - a 12x connectivity compared to before

02:15AM EDT - Talking 4G connected PCs

02:15AM EDT - 25 designs in the market today, and 10 more designs coming

02:16AM EDT - various form factors and battery life

02:16AM EDT - >This is to compare to Qualcomm

02:16AM EDT - Intel wants to be the leader in 5G PCs

02:16AM EDT - >So, 5GHz ? :D

02:16AM EDT - Video of Intel 5G at the Olympics

02:17AM EDT - 22 5G links = 3800 Terabits of bandwidth at the Olympics

02:18AM EDT - It will take time for the infrastucture to catch up

02:18AM EDT - 5G in the room

02:18AM EDT - Streaming 4K film over 5G

02:18AM EDT - Systems with antennas built into the kickstands

02:19AM EDT - Partners with Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo for world first 5G connected PCs in 2019

02:19AM EDT - Go beyond direct OEs, working with carriers

02:19AM EDT - VP of Sprint to the stage

02:20AM EDT - '5G is like going from black and white to color'

02:20AM EDT - People expect to be connected anywhere and anytime

02:20AM EDT - Lots of progress lately on devices

02:21AM EDT - Generational jumps encourage new use cases emergy

02:21AM EDT - Generational jumps encourage new use cases emerge

02:21AM EDT - A big step forward in disruptive technology

02:21AM EDT - Faster data, new services

02:22AM EDT - Intel was a natural fit

02:23AM EDT - Working with Sprint and others around the world.

02:23AM EDT - Next up is Form Factor

02:23AM EDT - New designs that are more adaptable

02:23AM EDT - SVP and GM of Lenovo to the stage

02:24AM EDT - 2018 saw revitalization of the PC industry

02:25AM EDT - Make the PC more like a Phone

02:25AM EDT - We want more mobility

02:25AM EDT - More connectivity

02:26AM EDT - People use PCs for longer at a time rather than smartphones

02:26AM EDT - Focus used to mean working at a desk in a repeatable fashion

02:26AM EDT - Today focus now happens in chaos

02:27AM EDT - The new generation can focus in places the previous generation never thought possible

02:27AM EDT - Focus doesn't always mean business

02:27AM EDT - People focus when binging Netflix

02:27AM EDT - People focus in more places, in more ways, and more often

02:28AM EDT - Yogabook - dual touch panels, dual display panels, now for gen 3

02:28AM EDT - Later this year, Yogabook will get dual full displays

02:28AM EDT - Yogabook Gen 1 - used as a laptop 73% of the time

02:29AM EDT - Yogabook 2 on the stage

02:29AM EDT - True dual display

02:30AM EDT - Launched for Holiday 2018 later this year

02:30AM EDT - Much better inking experience

02:30AM EDT - both displays have touch

02:30AM EDT - higher performance CPU

02:30AM EDT - AI-enabled keyboard

02:30AM EDT - >Here is our 8086K news: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12875/intel-announces-the-core-i78086k-coffee-lake-at-5-ghz

02:31AM EDT - AI will become more pervasive in the PC industry

02:31AM EDT - (Back to just Intel on stage)

02:31AM EDT - AI for PC developer program

02:32AM EDT - Tools will allow to train for new uses

02:32AM EDT - OpenVINO and Windows ML

02:32AM EDT - AI Dev Kit coming

02:33AM EDT - Between now and end of year for all of this

02:33AM EDT - Develop full soliutions to market for our customers

02:33AM EDT - CEO of ASUS, Jerry Shen, to the stage

02:34AM EDT - Showing the Project Precog

02:34AM EDT - What we saw at the ASUS event a couple of hours ago

02:34AM EDT - Convertible 2-in-1 dual screen device with AI

02:35AM EDT - Includes Movidius

02:35AM EDT - Intelligent touch

02:37AM EDT - Designed to enable smooth and intuitive user experience

02:37AM EDT - virtual assistants like Cortana and Alexa

02:37AM EDT - Intelligent Cameras

02:37AM EDT - Object recognition

02:38AM EDT - ASUS Zenbook to the stage as well

02:38AM EDT - Zenbook Pro

02:38AM EDT - First notebook to feature Intel movidius VPU

02:39AM EDT - Enable developers to fuse existing applications with AI

02:39AM EDT - Now discussing the Platform

02:40AM EDT - Now showing off what the PC can do

02:40AM EDT - the PC in general, not the ASUS Precog

02:40AM EDT - Film director on stage

02:41AM EDT - Work in pre-visualization

02:42AM EDT - Scenes are recreate / storyboarded in animation

02:42AM EDT - plan the shot and sequence cheaply

02:43AM EDT - Using Maya

02:46AM EDT - Faster machines has been a game changer

02:47AM EDT - Work done on a new OEM systems

02:47AM EDT - New platform for content creators

02:47AM EDT - Tuning solutions to get the most performance

02:48AM EDT - Corsair One with 18 Cores

02:48AM EDT - Workstation Laptop with a Xeon

02:49AM EDT - Thunderbolt connectivity and Optane

02:50AM EDT - Intel Optane SSD 905P in an M.2 form factor

02:50AM EDT - > GB gets tongue tied calling it 'Optane Memory'. Because it doesn't make sense calling it memory

02:51AM EDT - 1.5 TB of Optane in 4 drives

02:51AM EDT - So 380 GB each ?

02:52AM EDT - Running a rendering demo using Optane over SSD

02:53AM EDT - Now showing a new 28-core processor

02:53AM EDT - a development thing

02:53AM EDT - Incredible high performance


02:54AM EDT - Didn't mention which socket, LGA2066 or LGA3647 ?

02:54AM EDT - All processors running at 5.0 GHz

02:54AM EDT - 7334 on Cinebench

02:54AM EDT - >We think this an EMIB system

02:55AM EDT - It's coming in Q4

02:56AM EDT - Interestingly I posted this a few days ago: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12814/a-thought-on-silicon-design-intels-lcc-on-hedt-is-dead

02:56AM EDT - 28 cores at 5 GHz in a single socket? It has to be an EMIB design

02:57AM EDT - Also competing against AMD's next gen Threadrippers

03:01AM EDT - That looks like a wrap. Time to get more info

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  • HStewart - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    What I found most interesting is

    1. 20+ hour battery life in Laptop - It looks like Intel is acting of Vaporware - Windows on ARM

    2. 28 Core EMIB - does this mean we have 28 core laptop coming in the future. One thing it surely means is that EMIB is the future - maybe even in desktops.
  • sarahkevin - Thursday, June 7, 2018 - link

    Such an amazing event thanks https://www.anandtech.com for sharing the review
  • Christopher Newman - Thursday, June 7, 2018 - link

    After looking into Intels 28-core 56-thread CPU .. it looked like Intel scrambled to put something together rather than have something readily available. A closer look reveals it uses the same socket set as the 8176 and 8180 Intel Xeon Platinum Socket LGA 3647 at 28 Cores and 56 Threads. It's basically a Xeon overclocked to 5Ghz and rigged with an extreme cooling solution (Chiller) to keep from frying the chip. Considering this socket type and CPU this will be a very niche market for people that want to spend $7,000 to $10,000 on a server CPU alone versus maybe $1700 to $1900 for the new Threadripper 2? I also found it sketchy at best that Intel wouldn't show the physical processor where AMD gladly displayed it's product. Does Intel really have a next generation processor to compete with AMD or is this a smoke screen to buy time for Q3? It seems apparent that Intel does not have real consumer grade processor to compete with Threadripper 2 as of yet.

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