In a manner that appears it may be building momentum, AMD has released another new driver update. As this is a point driver release the changes aren't immense, but AMD has pushed through some stability fixes along with some other improvements to prep their drivers for some forthcoming game releases. As always these are all welcome news items.

First off there are a few notes on Ashes of the Singularity. Along with providing performance and quality optimizations there is also a fixed issue with a 'Driver has stopped responding' error showing up while playing in DirectX 12 mode.  AMD does note however that there still remains issues with the game crashing on some AMD 300 series GPUs and Ashes of the Singularity may fail to launch on some 2GB cards.

For Star Wars: Battlefront high performance graphics can now be used on devices running switchable graphics. AMD is also aware of a small number of users who are experiencing crashes with GTA V on some AMD Radeon R9 390X GPUs. Some changes have been made that should resolve the issue and they will continue to monitor user feedback on the problem.

On the stability front AMD has brought fixes for a couple of TDR errors which caused a crash when toggling between minimized and maximized mode while viewing 4K YouTube content or running the Unreal Engine 4 DirectX benchmark. Additionally playback issues with both MPEG2 and intermittent playback issues in Cyberlink PowerDVD when connected to  a 3D display through HDMI have both been resolved. Lastly there was a problem with driver installation halting on some configurations that is now fixed.

Those interested in reading more or installing the drivers for AMD's desktop, mobile, and integrated GPUs can find them on AMD's Catalyst beta download page.

Source: AMD

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  • RussianSensation - Friday, October 16, 2015 - link

    Troll harder it's amusing.

    $300 R9 290X vs. $480 GTX980 in SW BF at 1440P at GameGPU:
    54 fps vs. 50 fps

    $300 R9 290X / $370 R9 390X vs. $480 GTX980 in SW BF at 1440P at Guru3d:
    67 fps / 69 fps vs. 63 fps

    Face it, you got ripped off by buying a 980 and now you are trying to find any means to justify why you made the wrong decision by bringing stupid arguments like WHQL vs. Beta into the mix despite much cheaper AMD cards beating your card in the said game.

    Beta driver junk? Interestingly enough, R9 295X2/290X CF cost barely $50-100 more than a single 980 cost around its launch and today they are literally wiping the floor with a 980 in almost all modern titles.

    Coincidentally, single GPU performance for 980 continues to get worse against 290X:

    Sept 2014
    980 beats 290X by 14.9% at 1440P

    Sept 2015
    980 beats 290X by 11.9% at 1440P
    ^ And this is best case scenario here because the 980 benefits greatly from Project CARS, WoW and broken Wolfenstein bench. Remove those and it would barely beat the 290X.

    980 continues to look worse and worse and keeps proving itself to be one overpriced Maxwell SKU of this generation. So much for AMD's junk drivers huh?

    Beta driver junk?
  • Morawka - Saturday, October 17, 2015 - link

    they priced cheaper cuz nobody buys them.. go figure. AMD is going out of business soon, good luck with that.

    in 2 years when some indian company has bought the ATI division, your gonna see how much end of life driver support those cards are gonna get.

    And for the record, Star Wars Battlefront should get better performance on AMD hardware considering AMD paid DICE $100,000 to use Mantle, optimize, and promote the hell out of it.

    Lets talk about real games that actually have proper developers like Witcher 3.
  • The_Countess - Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - link

    you mean bought and paid for developers that are contractually obligated to included technology (and enable it by default) that performs poorly on ALL cards that are not nvidia's latest generation, including nvidia's own older generations?

    ow yes that's so much better.

    and all nvidia had to do was change the default tessellation from a ridicules 64x to 16x and visually nothing would change while nobody, including their own customers!, would have been negatively effected by it.
  • Mahigan - Thursday, October 15, 2015 - link

    As for superior drivers. AMD do have superior Windows 10 drivers, over NVIDIA. The issues with Windows 10 NVIDIA drivers is well documented... Not just on reddit. Google is your friend ;) use it and you'll see this to be true.
  • RussianSensation - Friday, October 16, 2015 - link

    Apparently he hasn't had a single driver issue with a 980, not one. How can you expect to form a coherent objective discussion with such a user? Not to mention he is also the owner of a 980 which is ageing the worst out of the entire $300-650 market segment.

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