With a TDP of around 61W, Sapphire is reaching an upper limit on what passive cooling can do in a still-air environment.  Any more, such as a passive cooler on the 5750 (86W TDP as standard), would require significant engineering of the cooler and heatpipes to keep it passive - such as the dual slot Gigabyte HD5750 Silent Cell, which is a passive 5750, but has a massive cooling and heatpipe arrangement, as well as a 6-pin power requirement.

Featuring stock HD5670 clocks of 775MHz core, 1GHz memory (4GHz effective), 400 stream processors and 1GB of DDR5 memory, the HD5670 is marketed as the fastest silently cooled graphics card ‘available today’ - though we can’t find it on sale yet, and the Gigabyte 5750 Silent Cell is on sale, under it's code GV-R575SL-1GI.

The HD5670 Ultimate isn’t necessarily aimed at the HTPC market, as it isn’t low profile, but we could see a use in larger ‘HTPC/Home Server’ combinations, as well as mainstream desktop computers, and gaming machines, where silence is a large part of the build.  We expect the HD5670 Ultimate to retail around $125/£95, which is at a slight premium over the majority of the current HD5670 cards available.

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  • Acreo Aeneas - Friday, June 25, 2010 - link

    Seeing how I have a HD5670 in my brother's rig, it's quite capable for gaming. It may not be middle-of-the-road like the HD5770 but compared to yesterday's hardware, it's equivalent to my old 8800GT. Keeping that in mind, the fact that this Sapphire is totally silent would make it a great addition to a silent SFF budget gaming rig.
  • Wurmer - Saturday, June 26, 2010 - link

    It's nice to see some more cards in this category. I am not a maniac but I don't like noisy rig. I am currently sporting a crossfire setup with 2 x 4850 passively cooled from MSI. I am happy and it a decent setup. True, you got to have a well ventilated case but with what's available today this shouldn't be a problem. In my case, I am using a HAF932 and doesn't have any heat issue.

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