Cables and Connectors

Cables and Connectors
Fixed/Modular Main 24-pin 60 cm
ATX12V/EPS12V 4+4-pin 65 cm
PCIe 6x 6/8-pin 50 cm (+2x2 6/8-pin 15cm)
Peripheral 3x PATA 40-70 cm / 3x PATA 40-70 cm + Floppy 15cm
2x SATA 50-60 cm / 3x SATA 50-80 cm / 4x SATA 50-80 cm

Similar to the smaller models the fixed connectors (Main, ATX12V 4+4-pin) are sleeved rather cheaply. Apart from that there isn’t much reason for criticism. The flat connectors are supposed to add value to the PSU, even though they don't really improve the airflow in the case. Cooler Master disassociates the PCIe connectors (grey and wide) nicely from the peripheral connectors (black and narrow). On the homepage you can see the connector panel before buying the product. Even beginners should be able to connect the cables easily.

Six 6/8 pin- PCIe connectors can be expected on a 1KW unit, but because of the two Y-adapters eight connections can be used this way. If that’s an advantage you’ll have to judge from configuration to configuration. But it has to be put into consideration, that in case of using a Y-adapter two connectors are sharing a single cable cross-section. All other features are rather conventional. A floppy connector comes via an adapter. Nine SATA-connectors should be sufficient for most systems, but also the number of PATA connectors is acceptable.

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  • Imagginer - Thursday, September 9, 2010 - link

    No worries... Even when I say I don't need it, I still don't mind reading about it :)
  • cactusdog - Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - link

    My 5870 is silent when idling, most of them are these days so 2X silent is still silent.
    Fan noise is annoying to me(and others) i spend carefully to avoid noise and i have a silent highend gaming rig. If the manufacturer claims the PSU to be silent it needs to silent.

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