Today Nokia and Microsoft have announced a partnership that will collectively leverage Microsoft and Nokia's strengths and resources. Although the fruit of this long-term partnership will primarily affect Windows Phone 7 and Nokia's smartphone line-up, other areas of either companies business' will also be getting some of the good stuff.

The partnership primarily aims to leverage Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform and eco-system along with Nokia's hardware expertise and market/carrier reach around the world to build a new line-up of Nokia branded smartphones running Microsoft's mobile OS. But things aren't as cut and dry. Although the software driving these devices will be WP7, Nokia will be integrating some of its own software components into the platform. Primarily, this will be the excellent 'Maps' application, which moving forward, Microsoft will also be using in its own Bing eco-system.

Although Nokia insists that Symbian and Meego will not die, it is quite clear that Symbian will eventually be put to rest and whatever core Symbian IP Nokia has, could be absorbed into the Windows Phone codebase. Meego on the other hand will continue to live the existence as Nokia's 'expirmental platform' of choice, with a Meego device expected sometime this year. Nokia has also mentioned that it's 'Qt' framework will not be coming to WP7.

Clearly, the mobile devices market in 2011 is going to be much more interesting (and potentially beneficial) for the consumer. Apple and Google will seriously have to re-think their stratergies now that they have three very strong and able competitors in HP's excellent webOS, RIM's promising QNX and now Nokia-Microsoft's extensive partnership.

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  • giani2k11 - Saturday, February 12, 2011 - link

    Thanks for the writeup. Nice article. It's cool that you keep us informed.

  • Pole - Saturday, February 12, 2011 - link

    I think this alliance was carefully planned well in advance more than five months ago when Nokia appointed Elop as its new CEO. Both parties needed to know if the alliance was feasible, and now after mulling it for some months they decided to go ahead with it. I have feeling this will turn up to be a good move, when one of the best hardware manufacturer join forces with the best software company in the world. One is battling for survival and the other one needs to prove that it's still relevant in today's shift paradigm to mobile computing. I think they will put up a good fight this time, and we as customer will benefit from this three horse race.
  • ruzveh - Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - link

    I am not so keen on Microsoft & Nokia deal. Neithier i am planning to buy one soon. I prefer more open platform based OS so as it gives developers that flexibility to create app. Open source also means you end up spending more Free applications. I am not so keen on spending money for doing basic task and buy necessary applications which is available with third party or so. And this is the only reason i choose Android over other platforms. Its very simple if you lack certain functionality and you need to install the same at some cost then its not feasible but if available free of cost to install then i am fine going for it.

    Applications on RIM, Apple & Microsoft will always going cost you at the end.

    I prefer using Nokia Symbian old ver software. For eg. i like my Nokia 6630 a lot and havnt replaced this mobile since 7years now and not either willing to replace it untill other OS impresses me. I would definately like to give u the list of reasons why i like this phone then other phones but dont have space to post my comments.

    Did i mention that even newer ver of symbian OS is not upto mark. Nokia 6630 S60 is best i say.

    The day i find the same functionality in other OS then i am totally sold to that newer OS. But dont really like to spend over $500 on a mobile phone when you can get a whole big new Computer for that price. Not worth it
  • lili53 - Friday, March 11, 2011 - link

  • kjdjasgj - Thursday, May 12, 2011 - link

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