When we first reviewed Llano we thought it was a fairly competent desktop part if you needed a solution that didn't rely on discrete graphics. My biggest issue with Llano on the desktop was its price, at $135 for the top end A8 it seemed a bit too high. Today AMD is using the normal process improvements you see with any design over time to deliver a slight frequency bump without increasing prices. The extra 100MHz you get at the $135 and $115 price points isn't really going to change much, however AMD is introducing two K-series parts (they are also known as Black Edition SKUs) into the Llano lineup:

AMD's Updated Llano Desktop Lineup
  GPU Total TDP (GPU + CPU) CPU Cores CPU Clock (Base/Turbo) GPU Cores GPU Clock Price
AMD A8-3870K Radeon HD 6550D 100W 4 3.0GHz (unlocked) 400 600MHz (unlocked) $135
AMD A8-3850 Radeon HD 6550D 100W 4 2.9GHz 400 600MHz $135
AMD A8-3820 Radeon HD 6550 65W 4 2.5/2.8GHz 400 600MHz $???
AMD A8-3800 Radeon HD 6550D 65W 4 2.4/2.7GHz 400 600MHz $129
AMD A8-3670K Radeon HD 6530D 100W 4 2.7GHz (unlocked) 320 444MHz (unlocked) $115
AMD A6-3650 Radeon HD 6530D 100W 4 2.6GHz 320 444MHz $115
AMD A6-3620 Radeon HD 6530D 65W 4 2.2/2.5GHz 320 444MHz $???
AMD A6-3600 Radeon HD 6530D 65W 4 2.1/2.4GHz 320 444MHz $109
AMD A6-3500 Radeon HD 6530D 65W 3 2.1/2.4GHz 320 444MHz $85
AMD A4-3420 Radeon HD 6410 65W 2 2.8GHz 160 600MHz $??
AMD A4-3400 Radeon HD 6410 65W 2 2.7GHz 160 600MHz $71
AMD A4-3300 Radeon HD 6410 65W 2 2.5GHz 160 444MHz $66

The A8-3870K and 3670K are fully unlocked (thanks to AMD for the clarification) partially unlocked parts allowing you to overclock an extra 500MHz on the CPU clock and an extra 200MHz on the GPU clock. Stock Llano parts are multiplier locked above their default multiplier and their GPU frequency isn't adjustable from what we've seen. AMD's new K-series SKUs give you another 5 multipliers above the default multiplier on the CPU side, and let you ramp up the GPU clock independently as well. In our original overclocking experiments we found that hitting 3.5 - 3.7GHz via bus overclocking on an A8-3850 wasn't too difficult, so these new K-series parts should let you reach close to what you could before without as much effort. In theory it should be pretty effortless to take a 3670K and turn it into something a bit faster than a 3870K, allowing you to pocket the $20 difference.

The 3x20 parts are new as well - these are mild speed bumps over their 3x00 predecessors. These parts are available starting today (err how about in the coming weeks):


There are also new mobile Llano parts being officially announced today, although we already reported on them earlier.

AMD Llano Mobile CPU refresh
Name Cores CPU Clock
(Max Turbo)
L2 Cache GPU GPU Cores GPU Clock TDP
A8-3550MX 4 2.0GHz (2.7GHz) 4MB HD 6620G 400 444MHz 45W
A8-3520M 4 1.6GHz (2.5GHz) 4MB HD 6620G 400 444MHz 35W
A6-3430MX 4 1.7GHz (2.4GHz) 4MB HD 6520G 320 400MHz 45W
A6-3420M 4 1.5GHz (2.4GHz) 4MB HD 6520G 320 400MHz 35W
A4-3330MX 2 2.2GHz (2.6GHz) 2MB HD 6480G 240 444MHz 45W
A4-3320M 2 2.0GHz (2.6GHz) 2MB HD 6480G 240 444MHz 35W
A4-3305M 2 1.9GHz (2.5GHz) 1MB HD 6480G 160 593MHz 35W


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  • Soulkeeper - Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - link

    "partially unlocked" <-- pisses me off
  • Jambe - Saturday, December 24, 2011 - link

    You'll let us know how they OC, right?

  • geok1ng - Monday, December 26, 2011 - link

    AMd is almost there now all we need is a dual core CPu with 400 cores on the iGPU, that can reach 2.5Ghz+ on both cores , consumes no mnore than 40w at load and idle below 10w. Did i mention that the 400 cores must reach 500Mhz at load?

    Llano is all about great IGP with fast enough CPU.

    We dont need more CPU cores , we need faster cores.

    We need the optimal balance of frequency and core count on the IGP side also. Llano has as much cores as a 6670, but at less than half frequency, performance suffers a lot.

    AMD should focus on optimazing core count/ frequency on these parts. Why would anyone use 4 cores at 1.6 Ghz? Give us 2 cores at 3Ghz. Heck, even 2 cores at 2.5Ghz would be enough, if the IGP could reach 400cores@600Mhz.

    And lets not forget that Fusion and Llanno used pretty high voltages on the first batchs, that could operate normally at 25% less power using programs to hack the voltage controller.

    These are parts begging to be unlocked, undervolted and overclocked.
  • Tibbz - Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - link

    Dual cores can get hindered by a lot of new games and software's, but there is still little difference between a X4 and X3. If AMD would make a 2.8 ish (give or take) tri core CPU with a 6770 or on the new TBA 7770, it would be a killer entry level system.

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