09:18PM EST - NVIDIA has one of the major keynotes for the CES show

09:18PM EST - Set to start in just over 10 minutes

09:18PM EST - We expect to see Jen-Hsun Huang on stage talking GPU, Automotive

09:19PM EST - Ian on text, Billy on photos

09:23PM EST - While NVIDIA has done CES keynotes for several years now, this is the first year that they are giving the "prime" keynote. The most important and well-attended of the show's keynotes

09:24PM EST - For a number of years Microsoft held this slot. Since then it has shuffled among product manufacturers

09:25PM EST - Venue is filling up - being a main CES Keynote means a couple thousand people

09:26PM EST - What makes the opening/prime keynote so important is that the Consumer Electronics Association likes to set the tone of the overall show with the keynote. So for NVIDIA this is a very big deal; it may be many years where they have another keynote this well attended

09:26PM EST - Some familiar faces in the crowd too

09:27PM EST - In terms of press, that is (GTC fills a larger space, but it's largely developers)

09:27PM EST - 5 minute warning

09:27PM EST - Ryan will be adding commentary

09:33PM EST - Here we go

09:33PM EST - Starting with a 50-years-of-CES video

09:36PM EST - 'The magic of CES is that there's always something that blows your mind'

09:37PM EST - Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES Assoc, to the stage

09:37PM EST - Introducing Jen-Hsun Huang

09:37PM EST - 'Gaming is the largest entertainment business in the world'

09:38PM EST - 'When NVIDIA invented the GPU...'

09:38PM EST - 'NVIDIA is at the forefront of artificial intelligence'

09:39PM EST - JHH to the stage

09:39PM EST - In his usual leather jacket, of course

09:41PM EST - Video showing 'the promise of AI', robots, and future things

09:42PM EST - 'Our imagination opens up amazing new worlds, NVIDIA brings them to life'

09:42PM EST - 'What comes next?'

09:42PM EST - Video over

09:42PM EST - JHH : 'We are going through the most exciting time ever in computing'

09:43PM EST - NVIDIA is dedicated to a model of AI and vision computing

09:43PM EST - 'We dedicate ourselves to tackle the most challenging computing problems in the world'

09:43PM EST - 'We love video games - the highest volume, the most computationally intensive actiont the world has ever known'

09:44PM EST - 'Our technology is also used in the cloud, building AI supercomputers'

09:44PM EST - 'Also, the most exciting: self driving cars and autonomous vehicles'

09:45PM EST - 'Researchers working on deep learning meant the big bang of AI happened'

09:45PM EST - 'It allows software to write software'

09:45PM EST - 'Allows the computer to recognize complex patterns'

09:45PM EST - 'Representing complex patterns from sets of layers of simpler patterns'

09:46PM EST - 'Edges, contours, features, then finally a face'

09:46PM EST - 'It needs to deal with variability'

09:46PM EST - 'Deep learning is the key'

09:46PM EST - 'This foundational technology is difficult - the handicap is the amount of data processing is enormous

09:47PM EST - 'Then the AI researchers met the GPU, and the achievements have been fast and furious'

09:48PM EST - 'A network has to learn context too'

09:49PM EST - 'Reinforcement learning through trial and error meant a network could learn to walk by itself'

09:49PM EST - 'The ability to percieve the world through technology'

09:50PM EST - 'the enabling technology behind all of this is GPU computing'

09:50PM EST - 'Geforce - the #1 gaming platform, 200m geforce gamers, 2x revenue in 5 years'

09:51PM EST - 'Before anyone gets a console, they have a PC'

09:51PM EST - 'Our market moves forward by the content being produced'

09:51PM EST - 'VR is coming'

09:52PM EST - 'Gaming is the worlds largest sporting event - 100M MOBA Gamers, 325M eSports Spectators'

09:52PM EST - 'MOBA is a game of strategy, teamwork, knowledge, hence why it gets so many spectators'

09:53PM EST - 'Streaming is now a $5b industry'

09:53PM EST - Announcing Geforce Expereince connects to Facebook Live

09:54PM EST - Capture a video image/stream direct to Facebook, as well as live broadcast

09:54PM EST - Connect via two clicks to facebook

09:54PM EST - Aaryn Flynn to the stage, general manager for Bioware

09:54PM EST - they're going to show footage of Mass Effect Andromeda

09:55PM EST - 'Mass Effect has a great story'

09:56PM EST - 'The people watching are going to tear down every frame of this upcoming preview'

09:57PM EST - 'Real in-game footage with a GTX1080'

09:57PM EST - Video now

09:58PM EST - Yup, it looks like Mass Effect

09:58PM EST - definitely engine footage

09:58PM EST - shooting flames from the hand

09:58PM EST - guns guns guns

09:59PM EST - (I've only ever played the first Mass Effect at any length, and that was what, a decade ago?)

09:59PM EST - 'Captured in engine, representative of game experience'

09:59PM EST - March 21st release date

10:01PM EST - '1 billion PC users are not game ready'

10:01PM EST - 'no real way of installing a GPU into those PCs'

10:02PM EST - 'if we could put a PC into the cloud, like AWS, then consumers could game easier'

10:02PM EST - e.g. GRID using Pascal

10:02PM EST - 'Launch a game wherever, whenever'

10:02PM EST - 'Any latency ruins the experience'

10:03PM EST - Announcing GeForce Now for PC: Gaming on Demand

10:03PM EST - Turns any of your PCs into your most powerful gaming PC

10:03PM EST - Giving an example, PC laptop and a Mac

10:04PM EST - NVIDIA has been offering streaming for a few years now, both gaming and their virtualized desktop GRID solution

10:04PM EST - Launching Steam on GeForce Now on the PC, takes about 15 sec

10:05PM EST - A few more seconds, and your personal steam account is there

10:05PM EST - Also works on the Mac

10:05PM EST - All the same games from your personal account

10:05PM EST - You can buy a game in the interface, and games are downloaded in a minute

10:06PM EST - Running Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Mac

10:06PM EST - At a reasonable quality too

10:07PM EST - 'Video Games for the other billion users'

10:07PM EST - Available in March for early users

10:07PM EST - The current iteration of GeForce Now served up to NVIDIA's mobile devices is very game-centric. That is to say, you buy the games through the service

10:07PM EST - $25 for 20hrs of play

10:07PM EST - 'A gaming PC on demand'

10:07PM EST - Several grades of performance, the more performance = lower time per $25 credit

10:08PM EST - That they're instead offering a virtual machine on demand that can link into your Steam account is a significant shift in how the service is offered

10:08PM EST - Note, you also have to personally buy the games on Steam

10:08PM EST - I wonder if it counts the time you're not in a game

10:08PM EST - Now Android TV

10:08PM EST - But the lack of Steam integration has always been a friction point with GeForce Now. Customers don't want to buy a game twice

10:08PM EST - 'With a powerful computer connected to a store to running applications, an Android TV Console: NVIDIA Shield'

10:09PM EST - On the other hand, now they need to pay for service by the hour, as opposed to GeForce Now's flat costs

10:09PM EST - 'The performance is always getting richer'

10:09PM EST - Announcing a New Shield, supporting 4K HDR

10:10PM EST - Worlds first entertainment platform to support Netflix and Amazon content in 4K HDR

10:10PM EST - A steam for shield, that connects to your PC, to enjoy 4K gaming on your TV from the PC

10:10PM EST - 1000 games in the NVIDIA shield game store

10:11PM EST - The two most popular consumer electronic platforms are Smart TVs, but the other is the Amazon Echo

10:11PM EST - 'It brings AI into your home'

10:11PM EST - 'We thought, why have two devices when you can have one'

10:11PM EST - 'We worked with Google to create the worlds first TV with Google Assistant'

10:12PM EST - 'Now the TV can be controlled by natural language interaction'

10:12PM EST - Doesn't AppleTV already do that?

10:12PM EST - 'You shouldn't have to lean over to a table to talk to the TV'

10:13PM EST - To be fair, the AppleTV requires a remote to do that. NVIDIA is suggesting an ambient assistant

10:13PM EST - Announcing NVIDIA Spot

10:13PM EST - Plugs directly into the wall

10:13PM EST - because the computing is done on shield, can have them installed over the house

10:13PM EST - far field microphone

10:14PM EST - voice triangulation via beamforming if multiple devices pick you up

10:14PM EST - all goes to one SHIELD over WiFi

10:14PM EST - Now a video for Spot

10:15PM EST - a guy in the video saying 'OK Google' a lot

10:15PM EST - Seriously, this video just shows how 'OK Google' is too many syllables

10:16PM EST - NVIDIA Home AI = Google Assistant + Smart Things + SPOT

10:16PM EST - 'We should build Jarvis for everyone'

10:17PM EST - new SHIELD for $199, pre-order now, available later January

10:17PM EST - SPOT to be released in the coming months

10:17PM EST - Now, AI for transportation

10:18PM EST - $10T transport industry

10:18PM EST - $199 is also where the last-generation Shield Android TV launched

10:18PM EST - 1B cars, 20m taxi rides/day, 1.2T miles from trucks a year, 500k buses in operation

10:19PM EST - 'The amount of waste in the transport industry is huge'

10:19PM EST - >so self driving helps reduce waste

10:20PM EST - JHH is basically saying self-driving cars helps reduce waste

10:21PM EST - 'GPU Deep Learning has made it possible for us to realise the self-driving vision in the next year'

10:21PM EST - 'Perception, Reasoning, Driving, HD Mapping, AI Computing'

10:21PM EST - 'Will deep learning we can percieve the world, rather than just sense it'

10:22PM EST - 'We can teach a car to drive by watching a human driver'

10:23PM EST - 'We can compare perceptions live with knowledge in the cloud to act, and you can keep learning'

10:24PM EST - 'Xavier AI Car Supercomputer: 8-core custom ARM64, 512 core Volta, 30 TOPs DL, 30W'

10:24PM EST - Announced last year

10:24PM EST - Runs Driveworks OS

10:25PM EST - 'Designed for ASIL D Functional Safety'

10:25PM EST - 30 TOPS = 30 tera-operations

10:25PM EST - For more details on Xavier, please see the original September announcement: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10714/nvidia-teases-xavier-a-highperformance-arm-soc

10:26PM EST - SHowing the BB8 autodriving car in video

10:26PM EST - Ryan is having a demo in it later this week

10:26PM EST - 30 TOPS DL is 50% higher than when Xavier was first announced

10:26PM EST - Picking up speed on on-ramp, merging at speed

10:27PM EST - video is cutting to different perception metrics

10:27PM EST - disengage autopilot via a voice command

10:27PM EST - I think Ryan will have fun later this week

10:28PM EST - A self-driving car with the theme song "do something crazy" is certainly an interesting combination...

10:28PM EST - 'These cars should be able to drive from A to B practically anywhere in the world'

10:28PM EST - 'It can determine its confidence level on paths it doesn't know, and hand back control if it doesn't have enough confidence'

10:28PM EST - 'AI should be a co-pilot'

10:29PM EST - Announcing the AI Co-Pilot

10:29PM EST - The car has perception, cameras and speakers. It knows where it is and the state of the driver/passengers

10:29PM EST - 'This car can perceive, and so if it runs all the time, it can either drive you, or look out for you'

10:30PM EST - 'When it doesn't have the confidence to drive, it still has everything working to tell you what it thinks and is completely aware'

10:31PM EST - Showing a cyclist ahead, or a motorcyclist behind changing lanes

10:33PM EST - AI CO-PILOT does face recognition on the driver - it knows who is driving and their demeanour

10:33PM EST - it does head tracking and gaze tracking, so it knows which way you are looking

10:33PM EST - Also lip-reading

10:33PM EST - 'Take me to starbucks' and it can tell

10:34PM EST - 'wouldn't be nice' - so this is still a goal for NVIDIA

10:34PM EST - Lip reading can be 95% accurate based on current research. Human lip reading is about 53%

10:34PM EST - >but then again, smart AI assistants are meant to be 95%+ accurate too

10:35PM EST - 'This is the NVIDIA AI Car Platform'

10:35PM EST - Drive PX, Driveworks OS, Auto-Pilot, Co-Pilot, Mapworks, Cloud HD Map, Cloud AI Assistant, NLU

10:36PM EST - DNN = Deep Neural Net

10:37PM EST - 'A co-pilot that will automatically open the gates on your driveway as you pull into the street'

10:38PM EST - JHH is describing features of the car platform, like Mapworks

10:40PM EST - Announcing partnerships with Zenrin and HERE

10:41PM EST - ZF is now a partner - they're the leading truck and commercial supplier in EU, top 5 worldwide

10:41PM EST - ZF is first to announce a Drive AI to the market

10:42PM EST - Announcing Bosch as adopting the NVIDIA Drive computer

10:43PM EST - Bosch is the largest supplier to the automotive sector

10:43PM EST - Major update on the partnership in March

10:44PM EST - Announcing, Audi and NVIDIA to partner to build next gen AI cars

10:44PM EST - On the road by 2020

10:45PM EST - Audi to the stage, Scott Keogh, President Audi US

10:45PM EST - Audi is a frequent NVIDIA automotive collaborator, so this isn't too surprising

10:46PM EST - 210k Audi cars sold in US last year

10:47PM EST - Within 4 days, a learning car can already navigate obstacles

10:48PM EST - 'We're talking level 4 autonomy by 2020'

10:50PM EST - 'Let's make sure none of our kids ever have to learn to drive'

10:52PM EST - Wrapping up now: GeForce Now, NVIDIA Shield and Spot, Drive AI Car Computer

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  • Hxx - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    Those video game stats did not see that coming.
  • realbabilu - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    Creepy as terminator era
  • Shadowmaster625 - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    If GeForce Now actually works without lag, then it truly is RIP AMD.
  • nathanddrews - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    It wont. It's not possible.
  • webdoctors - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    On my NV Shield, the game streaming has worked perfectly 99% of the time. Its dependent on where you live and your internet provider, but no issues in CA, NY and TX so far. Dunno about international places.

    If this truly works, it'll be ridiculously amazing. The biggest issue I have with my Shield is the unavailability of my existing Steam purchased games. Its the Netflix of gaming.
  • nathanddrews - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    The claim that there is no lag is so false as to be laughable. Also, who would pay over $1/hr to stream games in lower quality than local?
  • Hxx - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    the fact that is not a monthly fee but "on demand" is going to attract the crowd. I think this was a smart move by Nvidia but yeah , lag will always be an issue.
  • negusp - Thursday, January 5, 2017 - link

    For single player games, sure, this would work fine. But for anything multiplayer I expect the latency to be far to high for any reasonable competitive play.
  • anubis44 - Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - link

    Ever hear of 'pay as you go' cell phones? Yeah, they really took off big time, didn't they? People want to OWN the hardware so they can game as much as like without paying rent for it. It's a completely stupid idea, just like renting software is a stupid idea that Microsoft already backed away from. Time sharing computing power is an idea best left in the 1960s.
  • Murloc - Thursday, January 5, 2017 - link

    you only need some people to start the service and I'm sure there are enough rich people who don't want little timmy to build a monstrous computer and will rather pay for this.
    Then I guess they will adapt prices if this is destined to scale. I'm surprised console makers are behind the curve on this thing though, it's their market getting stolen.

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