Cybex KVM SwitchView

by Jason Clark on August 12, 1999 10:11 PM EST
The SwitchView unit comes with a full range of features that satisfy the most savvy user. The unit supports up to 1600X 1280 @ 85Hz! Try that with a similar Belkin model :). As for expandability, the SwitchView supports up to 64 computers. This is done through piggybacking other SwitchViews to the unit - they all connect in a daisy chain method. Accessing each PC is a snap. Each port is essentially a letter of the alphabet; so to access Port C, you simple hit the key twice then type "c" and hit "enter". Boom! Your on Port C. If typing is too much effort :), then you can hit the select switch on the front of the unit and cycle between each port. There are many other keyboard commands associated with the unit for scan times, etc.

Another important item to look for in a KVM is whether it can emulate the keyboard and mouse on each port so you can boot into the OS without having to be on that port. The Cybex SwitchView does just this. You simply hook all of your PC's to the ports and then hook your monitor, keyboard and mouse to the master control port and that's it. Flip the machines on and you control them all. This unit is an independent hardware device. It doesn't need any software to control these other machines. On the front of the unit, it has LED's to show you which machine you are on and which are active. One other nice feature is that you don't need a power block to run the SwitchView. It gets its power from the connections to the PC. It does have a 6-VDC input on the back in case the unit is not receiving power because a PC isn't hooked up to it. You will probably want to invest in some Velcro ties or the handy plastic tie wraps, as you will have a nice maze of cabling behind your machine with 4 sets of three wires :). The SwitchView also supports the Intellimouse, and it worked with the wheel on my logitech pro mouse.

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Installing this unit is a snap. As I mentioned above, you simply connect the ports to your machines and hook up the master port to your keyboard, mouse and monitor. The unit supports PS/2 and Serial mice, and AT or PS/2 style keyboards. The cabling used to connect each PC is industry standard; you can buy it virtually anywhere. Cybex also sells the cabling for the units in two flavours: standard and premium. I would recommend getting the premium or finding your own cabling.

(Specifications courtesy Cybex)
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