Western Digital's G-Technology brand is well-known in multimedia production circles with products ranging from portable SSDs to multi-HDD RAID enclosures. As part of its Flash Perspective event today, the company is introducing the SanDisk Professional tag for products sold earlier under the G-Technology brand. In addition to new products targeting the prosumers and production houses, existing products are also getting speed bumps with updates in the USB interface. With increased resolutions and frame rates, content capture on location (as well as post-processing) now deals with huge amounts of data. On the capture side, we have seen multimedia-recording equipment support new card formats such as SD Express, CFast, and CFexpress. These allow capture at speeds exceeding even SATA SSDs, with CFexpress being the current card of...

Sonnet Introduces CFexpress and XQD Pro Card Reader with Thunderbolt 3

The market of professional memory cards has shrunk in the recent years as many cameras shifted to more compact SD cards, but there are still a good number of...

3 by Anton Shilov on 2/12/2020

Seagate Demonstrates HAMR and Dual-Actuator Hard Drives in the Lyve Drive Mobile System

Seagate had two major announcements at CES 2020 - one featuring updates to their lineup of external storage devices, and the other related to a modular storage system with...

26 by Ganesh T S on 1/8/2020

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