iPhone 3GS

When the iPhone 4S first launched, AT&T ominously noted (through a document leaked to The Verge) that it was "working with Apple" to update the 3G indicator to 4G in the status bar. Back then, the extent of just how much AT&T was working with Apple on a regular basis to both build carrier.ipcc bundles and beyond was unknown, but the two have worked together in the past to make UI related changes, going all the way back to the iPhone 3G's signal to bars mapping. In addition, obviously the carrier works with Apple to both validate baseband behavior and respective updates. However, having the carrier dictate changes to UI seemed like new territory. With respect to the iPhone 4S there was also some confusion...

WWDC 2011: iOS 5

After giving us a look at OS X 10.7 Lion in its WWDC keynote today, Apple turned to what is seen as the more important of its OS platforms...

24 by Andrew Cunningham on 6/6/2011

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