Alongside some new announcements for their 2nm process node plans, TSMC has also released a progress and roadmap update for their N3 family process technologies at today's 2023 North American Technology Symposium. TSMC's final generation of FinFET-based process nodes, the N3 family is expected to remain around in some shape or form for many years to come as the densest node available for customers who don't need a more cutting-edge GAAFET-based process. TSMC's big roadmap updates on the N3 front were with N3P and its high performance variant, N3X. As revealed today by TSMC, N3P will be an optical shrink of N3E, offering enhanced performance, reduced power consumption, and increased transistor density compared to N3E, all while maintaining compatibility with N3E's design rules. Meanwhile, N3X...

TSMC Readies Five 3nm Process Technologies, Adds FinFlex For Design Flexibility

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. on Thursday kicked off its 2022 TSMC Technology Symposium, where the company traditionally shares it process technology roadmaps as well as its future expansion plans...

44 by Anton Shilov on 6/16/2022

TSMC Roadmap Update: N3E in 2024, N2 in 2026, Major Changes Incoming

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has solid plans for the next few years, but the foundry's manufacturing technology design cycles are getting longer. As a result, to address all of...

21 by Anton Shilov on 4/22/2022

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