Nokia 8110 4G

At MWC 2018, the depth of the Nokia nostalgia revival was strong. The owners of the Nokia band, a company called HMD Global, has revived an old Nokia favorite, as part ot its 'Originals' family of re-imagined Nokia-branded devices. The new Nokia 8110 4G slider resembles Neo’s slider handset from the 1990s, but with a difference in feel and design to match the modern era. As well as black, it also comes available in yellow, and is curved. Welcome back to the Banana Phone. Before we proceed to the Nokia 8110 4G’s background and hands-on, let us summarize what the Nokia 8110 4G is and what it is not. The reloaded Nokia 8110 4G is an entry-level smartphone, designed to come in at the...

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