Being a significant maker of peripherals in general and gaming peripherals in particular, Logitech cannot omit the content creators and streamers market, which is now virtually dominated by Corsair's Elgato. On Tuesday, Logitech said that it had acquired Loupedeck, a streaming controller specialist, enabling the company to address streamers with a dedicated product. Furthermore, the company plans to use Loupedeck's expertise beyond its controllers. Streaming controllers is a dynamically developing and lucrative market. These controllers retail sold for $199 - $499 per unit, and the company also makes Stream Controller for Razer, which it is set to continue building even after it becomes a part of Logitech. Meanwhile, the latter gets a potentially profitable business with many opportunities beyond the gaming market. The Loupedeck Live S...

Rosewill RHUB-310 - Seven USB 2.0 Ports to Go

We take a quick look at one of the least expensive 7-port USB hubs around and discover that more power is better.

20 by Gary Key on 5/13/2008

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse: When an update is not worthy of a new name

We take a quick look at the 2007 version of Logitech's premier gaming mouse that adds a second thumb button and a new color scheme.

39 by Gary Key on 7/25/2007

Logitech MX Revolution: New Technology means a Smarter Mouse

We take a look at the latest mouse from Logitech and wonder if technology has gone too far.

38 by Gary Key on 9/28/2006

Entry Level Pen Tablets: Making the Artist's PC-Life Easier

So it's time to get rid of the pen and paper and stop scanning in your artwork. With entry-level pen tablets as close as the nearest Best Buy or...

21 by Laura Wilson on 12/6/2003

Microsoft Sidewinder USB Gamepad

If you were to start designing a new gamepad to sell to the masses, what would you look at first? Would you start with tons of buttons, super-customizable...

0 by Greg Hanna on 3/25/2000

Creative WebCam Go

0 by Jason Clark on 12/24/1999

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