SD Association

The SD Association - the body responsible for defining the standards for Secure Digital cards - has made it no secret that the organization has been working on a major update to the SD specification to greatly boost transfer rates and otherwise keep the standard in step with greater technology and solid state storage trends. Now at long last, the SD Association has published the SD 7.0 specification, setting the stage for the SD Express card era. The SD 7.0 specification encompasses two major additions to SD cards. The first is the creation of the SD Express interface, a PCIe x1 + NVMe-based interface/protocol that is very SSD-like in nature and will allow for memory cards with transfer rates up to 985 MB/sec. Along with...

SD Association Announces UHS-III (up to 624 MB/s), A2 Class, LV Signaling

The SD Association has made three important announcements in the course of the past couple of weeks. First is the introduction of its UHS-III bus that increases the potential...

17 by Anton Shilov on 3/11/2017

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