As pre-announced, AMD has begun selling its latest Ryzen Threadripper 2950X processor. The new CPU features 16 cores and is aimed at high-end desktops that can be overclocked for additional performance. And with half the cores, the new CPU is priced accordingly, with a price tag half that of AMD’s flagship Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX, its sibling counter-part meant for extreme workstations.

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X processor relies on two eight-core Zen+ dies fabbed using GlobalFoundries’ 12LP process technology on a single piece of substrate. The CPU thus offers 16 cores featuring SMT technology and running at 3.5 – 4.4 GHz, featuring 32 MB of cache, a quad-channel DDR4-2933 memory subsystem, and 60 lanes of PCIe Gen 3.

AMD's High-Performance Desktop CPUs
TR 2990WX 32/64 3.0/4.2 64 MB 4x2933 60 250 W $1799 $1799
TR 2970WX 24/48 3.0/4.2 $1299 -
TR 2950X 16/32 3.5/4.4 32 MB 180 W $899 $899
TR 1950X 3.4/4.0 4x2667 $799 $720
TR 2920X 12/24 3.5/4.3 4x2933 $649 -
TR 1920X 3.5/4.0 4x2667 $399 $449
TR 1900X 8/16 3.8/4.0 16 MB $299 $308
Ryzen 7 2700X 8/16 3.7/4.3 16 MB 2x2933 16 105 W $329 $319
Ryzen 7 1800X 8/16 3.6/4.0 16 MB 2x2667 95 W ? $244

With a TDP of 180 W, the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X is compatible with all AMD X399-based platforms featuring sTR4 sockets. Meanwhile, since these chips are designed to be overclocked, they can benefit from motherboards with high-quality VRMs and more robust cooling systems, as the TDP of overclocked CPUs can skyrocket well above their regular power envelope.

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 2950X is now available from all leading retailers, including Amazon and Newegg for $899, which is actually cheaper than the price of AMD’s 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X processor when it was launched about a year ago.

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  • Arbie - Friday, August 31, 2018 - link

    Yeeman, your comment is offensive and inane. Perhaps you meant it to be so. Mr. Shilov is a top tech journalist with years of experience, and was formerly one of the excellent writers at X-Bit Labs, another premier site. I think he's doing a great job under web publishing schedules and in a second language. Anandtech is very lucky to have obtained his services.

    BTW your own English is laughably bad. Where do you get off complaining about his??
  • ckbryant - Friday, August 31, 2018 - link

    I agree with you in full. Yeeeeman shouldn't be critiquing others English usage when his/her English and grammar is below average. Most fourth graders have a better grasp of comma usage and prose than this anonymous shill. Non-native speakers of English make mistakes time to time that's why they employ Ryan as the editor. Most non-native speakers usually mess up on definite articles which is a common tripping point for anyone even people you'd consider fluent in multiple languages like the pope. Asians struggle the most with subject verb positioning due to the verb placement in most Asian languages is opposite to what is is in English. My grandmother always said "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." Thus yeeeemen has placed himself on a pedestal above even the most self important of trolls, the grammar nazi.
  • smilingcrow - Monday, September 3, 2018 - link

    Why a shill though?
  • bji - Monday, September 3, 2018 - link

    I think the point still stands though that the quality of Anandtech would be better if native English speakers would edit the articles before they are published. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes of time to read these articles and correct the grammar mistakes. I do not understand why the content producing team is not set up to have all articles, whether written by a native english speaker or not, edited by a native english speaker before publishing. Seems rather bush league to be honest.
  • ckbryant - Friday, August 31, 2018 - link

    Poorly use of words? Hah. Your use of the English language is laughable at best. People who critique others should usually be their editors, not some random anon with a name like yeeeeman who can't even convey the proper usage of a comma.
  • bji - Monday, September 3, 2018 - link

    Why don't you debate the points raised instead of attacking the poster? Seriously, what exactly did your post contribute to this discussion?
  • boozed - Saturday, September 1, 2018 - link

    Muphry's law in action
  • ET - Sunday, September 2, 2018 - link

    I've enjoyed Anton Shilov's work on X-Bit Labs, and I'm glad that he's on Anandtech. I remember that his English wasn't perfect in X-Bit Labs articles, but it seems better now, and frankly I care much more about the content than about language nitpicks, and I find Anton to be a good tech journalist.
  • bji - Monday, September 3, 2018 - link

    But editing is easy and cheap ... why don't they at least do that?
  • 1rought - Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - link

    who cares

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