Corsair Graphite 760T: Introduction and Packaging

Corsair has been releasing one case after another lately, expanding their already large ranks with an even greater variety of products. It has been less than three months since the release of the Obsidian 250D, a cubic Mini-ITX case, and only two days since another member of the Obsidian series, the Midi-ATX Obsidian 450D, has been announced. Today, Corsair announced the release of yet another case, the Graphite 730T/760T.

Unlike the Obsidian 450D, which was released in order to fill a specific gap into the already heavily populated Obsidian series, the release Graphite 730T/760T does not appear to have such a purpose. There are only two Graphite cases currently available, the 230T and the 600T and, considering the MSRP of the Graphite 730T/760T versions and that its aesthetic design is similar to that of the 230T, it seems more likely that it has been released as a replacement for the 600T rather than having products that will coexist. As such, the primary changes will be a modified aesthetic and improved performance.

We should clarify that the 730T and the 760T are essentially the same case; the major difference is that the former has an opaque left panel and the latter an acrylic window. The Graphite 760T also has a basic 2-speed fan controller installed and will become available in both Black and Arctic White colors. It is the Arctic White version of the Graphite 760T that we will be reviewing today. Corsair informed us that the new Graphite cases will become available through North American retailers in late April.

Corsair Graphite 760T Specifications
Motherboard Form Factor Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, EATX, XL-ATX
Drive Bays External 3 x 5.25"
Internal 6 x 2.5"/3.5" (front drive cage)
6 x 2.5"/3.5" (optional front drive cages)
4 x 2.5" (rear of motherboard tray)
Cooling Front 2 x 120 / 140mm (2 x 140mm included)
Rear 1 x 140mm (included)
Top 3 x 120mm / 140mm (optional)
Left Side -
Bottom optional 120mm (drive cage must be removed/relocated)
Radiator Support Front Up to 240mm / 280mm
Rear 120mm / 140mm
Top Up to 360mm / 280mm
Side -
Bottom 120mm
I/O Port 2 × USB 3.0
2 × USB 3.0
1 × Headphone
1 × Mic
Fan Speed Toggle
Power Supply Size ATX
Clearances HSF 180mm
GPU 340mm (with drive cage)
460mm (without drive cage)
Dimensions 568mm × 246mm × 564mm (H×W×D)
22.4 in × 9.7 in × 22.2 in (H×W×D)
Prominent Features Hinged side panel with full window
360mm radiator support
Removable magnetic top panel
Two-speed fan control
Side-mounted tool-free SSD trays
Removable, reconfigurable 3.5” drive cages
Price 189 USD (MSRP)

The Graphite 760T comes in Corsair's traditional and visually simple brown cardboard box, the proportions of which hint that this is not a typical Mid-Tower case. Printed on the box are a schematic of the case and a short presentation covering its most important features. Inside the box, the case is wrapped inside a cloth-like bag and protected by very thick expanded polyethylene foam slabs.

The bundle of the Graphite 760T is very basic, especially considering the class of the case. Corsair only supplies the necessary screws and bits, a few short cable ties, and an installation guide. There are no cable straps or any other additional extras. The only positive thing about the bundle is that the supplied parts are black. If you like getting "extras", this is disappointing, but for some users the extras would simply be more clutter.

Corsair Graphite 760T Exterior
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  • Larry Endomorph - Friday, March 28, 2014 - link

    You're doing it wrong!

    Those line charts are useless for us color blind readers.
  • E.Fyll - Friday, March 28, 2014 - link

    Uh, um, I am sorry about that?

    I cannot use any other type of chart to display several dozens of data points though and I cannot go with black/white line charts either; these would be great for a scientific paper but extremely out of place in an online editorial. However, I am open to suggestions.
  • scook9 - Friday, March 28, 2014 - link

    I would think that in a world where the cheaper and better looking 750d exists this case is 110% unnecessary.....they are the functional equivalent this one is just uglier....and more expensive....
  • Burticus - Friday, March 28, 2014 - link

    Pricey! Venturing into Antec P183 pricing here, and I wouldn't put them in the same quality boat. This looks like a $99 case, tops.
  • PEJUman - Friday, March 28, 2014 - link

    It's a great idea to run a constant load for the thermal testing. I wonder why it took this long for someone to do it this way. I would also be interested at 1000W load for triple/Quad GPU & dual processors for cases that big enough for it. Although for most cases, 800-400W range is perfect.

    Some comments:

    Can you post the test setup pictures for visualization? maybe schematic of the thermal loads location & temperature measurements.

    The gravy on top would be total airflow thru the test, although I understand this one would be quite hard to capture since you would need some single inlet/outlet enclosure big enough to contain the case & some means to measure very low airflow around it (I don't think LFE will be able to measure flow rate this low, and other solutions are quite a bit more money, one can dream I guess...). This would allow some us to roughly scale the case performance with more/less fan(s) if we were to buy and build the said case.
  • Larry Endomorph - Saturday, March 29, 2014 - link

    Add tick marks to the lines. Something like this:
  • SkyBum - Saturday, March 29, 2014 - link

    In the first screenshot in the article, you can see a rainbow hue in the window panel. My 600T window had the exact same defect, making a large part of my motherboard look quite blurry. Most of the text on the motherboard is impossible to read through the defect. It's like it's blurred into triplicate.

    I sent screenshots to Corsair and left messages on one of their "support" forums but they never bothered to even reply.
  • SkyBum - Saturday, March 29, 2014 - link

    Oops, first screenshot on the second page was what I meant to say...
  • paul878 - Saturday, March 29, 2014 - link

    That's a pretty expensive ugly case.
  • nepenthes - Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - link

    When I first saw this case, I thought "Damn, this looks beautiful." Large, see-through (to a degree) side panel that fully opens on a hinge? B&W colour scheme? Convenient, easy to clean dust filters? Space for large radiator setups? Other than the drive bays at the front, which I'm not too keen on, I think it's pretty much the next case I'll be using for my next build.

    Shame about the price though, there are a lot of cases around that price range it's competing against.

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