Cold Test Results (~25°C Ambient Temperature)

For the testing of PSUs, we are using high precision electronic loads with a maximum power draw of 2700 Watts, a Rigol DS5042M 40 MHz oscilloscope, an Extech 380803 power analyzer, two high precision UNI-T UT-325 digital thermometers, an Extech HD600 SPL meter, a self-designed hotbox and various other bits and parts. For a thorough explanation of our testing methodology and more details on our equipment, please refer to our How We Test PSUs - 2014 Pipeline post.

The Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 has a particularly interesting energy conversion efficiency curve. It is extremely efficient at low to medium loads, delivering figures that could easily grant it an 80Plus Platinum certification regardless of the input voltage. However, its efficiency drops significantly when the load is greater than 600 Watts, preventing the PSU from receiving an efficiency certification greater than 80Plus Gold. The average nominal load efficiency with an input voltage of 230 VAC is 92.7% a very high figure for an 80Plus Gold certified product. It drops significantly when the input voltage is reduced to 115 VAC, down to 90.2%, suggesting that the platform is largely optimized for a 230 VAC input, but it still easily meets the 80Plus Gold certification requirements.

By default, the Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 has a semi-fanless mode programmed, which signifies that the fan activation is dependent on the cooling demand. Unlike the vast majority of competitive products, there is no way to switch to an always-on mode for the cooling fan. Nevertheless, the programmed cooling profile is highly proactive, with the fan starting when the load is just above 150 Watts. The internal temperatures of the Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 are fairly low for a PSU with that kind of power output and such small dimensions.

The cooling profile of the Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 is optimized for low noise operation across the first half of the loading spectrum, with the fan spinning at a low speed with a load up to 600 Watts. After that point, the controller increases the speed of the fan sharply, quickly bringing the noise levels high, favoring good thermal performance and safety over acoustics. The fan reaches its maximum speed only when the unit is loaded at 100% capacity for a protracted period of time.

Introduction, Examining Inside & Out Hot Test Results (~45°C Ambient Temperature)
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  • evanh - Thursday, November 9, 2023 - link

    12HPWR plug from ATX3.0 is known flawed in design. It cannot sustain spec'd rating. Any chance the supplied one is actually the replacement newer 12V-2x6 plug from ATX3.1 instead?
  • evanh - Thursday, November 9, 2023 - link

    And if not already a 12V-2x6 cable set, do they plan to offer free replacements when they are available?
  • jonnyGURU - Monday, December 4, 2023 - link

    "12V-2x6" "cable set" is not a thing.
  • Samus - Thursday, November 9, 2023 - link

    I wouldn't say that. I haven't had any trouble with the 12HPRW connector, though I run a 4080 not a 4090.
  • evanh - Friday, November 10, 2023 - link

    Don't expect that to last. The plug is poor design.
  • E.Fyll - Friday, November 10, 2023 - link

    12VHPWR and 12V-2x6 cables are identical. Only the connector on the equipment's side changes and only the length of the Sense pins.
  • evanh - Friday, November 10, 2023 - link

    Yep, and the power pins in the plug are a whole new design to correctly handle high currents.
  • E.Fyll - Friday, November 10, 2023 - link

    Not at all. As I said, they are identical.
  • evanh - Friday, November 10, 2023 - link

    They are plug compatible for sure. Very much intended to fit the same socket. But the female pins inside the plugs are completely new.
  • E.Fyll - Sunday, November 12, 2023 - link

    I hate repeating myself but everything about the plugs and wires is identical, save for the length of the Sense pins on the equipment's side. The new connector only ensures that the PSU (if compatible) will not engage if the plug is not fully inserted, that's about all there is to it.

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