Calxeda has announced its second generation SoC, the ARM Cortex™ A15 based EnergyCore™ ECX-2000. We try to estimate how this new Server SoC compares to the latest Intel Atom C2000 server SoCs.

Server Update April 2013: Positioning the HP Moonshot 1500

With HP launching the "Moonshot" server class and Intel's IDF at Beijing, we felt it was interesting to look a bit closer at the newest developments in the server...

26 by Johan De Gelas on 4/11/2013

Calxeda's ARM server tested

ARM based servers hold the promise of extremely low power and excellent performance per Watt ratios. It's possible to place an incredible amount of servers into a single rack—there...

102 by Johan De Gelas on 3/12/2013

Boston Viridis ARM Server Gets x86 Binary Translation Support

We covered the launch of the Calxeda-based Boston Viridis ARM server back in July. The server is makings its appearance at the UK IP EXPO 2012. Boston has been...

14 by Ganesh T S & Johan De Gelas on 10/18/2012

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