The last couple of weeks have been a blitz, with the Computex trade show in Taipei almost immediately followed by E3 in Los Angeles. In both instances, AMD was coming to the fore with news about its next generation products, including detailed microarchitecture as well as product pricing, speeds, feeds, and all the good stuff. I took some time to sit down and chat with Wendell, the host of the Level1Techs YouTube channel, to speak to some of the movement regarding processors in our industry.

Our discussion piggybacked off of AMD’s Gaming Tech Day, held before their E3 presentation. The conversation was free flowing with no set structure; however we do touch upon various topics:
  • AMD products for 2019
  • Chipset and IO die implementations
  • What exactly does Intel do from here
  • Redefining the computational paradigm
  • New packaging methodologies
  • How each vendor approaches benchmark discussions
  • Computex Highlights, including the Chinese Hygon/EPYC processor
  • Ryzen 9 3950X Pricing and Threadripper
  • Hot Chips

Many thanks to Wendell for having me on his channel. Level1Techs is one of the few YouTube channels that specialises in detailed content, and Wendell and I have collaborated on projects before, such as our dive into Threadripper’s scheduling issues.

Let us know if you would like to see more of this sort of content.

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  • Yorgos - Sunday, June 23, 2019 - link

    c2d, c2q and pentium D was intel's desperate approach to fight the multi-core uma athlon with a numa design.... heh, coherency and consistency was fixed with s/w... an Itanium designer's wet dream.
    "chiplet" is a similar concept to mcm skus from the 90s and even before that. there are many success stories from IBM, with multi-role chips on one sku, including a "chiplet" with cache only.
    The rest of your comment doesn't make any sense and I cannot figure what you are trying to say.
    Anyhow, Wendell is just a guy like the tech support you have in companies, he can tell you which hdd or cpu to buy and he will install ubuntu for you, same applies for Dr. Professor Patrick Cutress, they read whatever's on the box.

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