01:55PM EST - Qualcomm's 3rd Annual Tech Summit in Maui, HI, starts today. Join us at 2pm ET (7pm UTC) for live coverage of today's announcements. Given what's going to be important in 2019, we expect to hear a lot about 5G. Aloha from Hawaii, but keep an eye out for the humuhumunukunukuapua'a

01:57PM EST - We're ready to roll. Front row, middle seat

01:57PM EST - ~350 press and analysts here this year

01:58PM EST - Just about to begin, final call for seats

02:02PM EST - Opening keynote, so we expect to see Cristano Amon, President of Qualcomm

02:02PM EST - We have a 1-on-1 interview with him later today, so get some questions in below

02:06PM EST - To the stage, Qualcomm CMO and VP Product marketing

02:06PM EST - Penny Baldwin and Don McGuire

02:06PM EST - Over 330 media

02:06PM EST - Three day event

02:07PM EST - 'Making the impossible possible'

02:07PM EST - A new decade of wireless is here now from Qualcomm

02:07PM EST - At the core is a new Snapdragon processor

02:07PM EST - Consumer preference for the Snapdragon brand has increased 3x in a year

02:08PM EST - Snapdragon in 1b devices worldwide

02:08PM EST - Enabling partners to differentiate

02:08PM EST - High perf, low power, fast connectivity

02:08PM EST - Services are becoming integral to our lives

02:09PM EST - From the wrist to the car

02:09PM EST - Automotive, wearables, healthcare

02:09PM EST - can all be defined by Snapdragon

02:09PM EST - Meet the demands of the next generation of users

02:09PM EST - These users want technology to be leading edge, to be first

02:10PM EST - Tapping into key insights

02:10PM EST - >video of insights time

02:11PM EST - Cristiano to the stage

02:11PM EST - Building the 5G future

02:11PM EST - months away from launching 5G

02:12PM EST - Focusing on creating new standards and technologies

02:12PM EST - Responsibility to partners and users

02:12PM EST - Every decade in the wireless industy transition to a new standard

02:12PM EST - Devices become faster and smarter

02:13PM EST - As a company, Qualcomm bets on improvements in wireless technology

02:13PM EST - Always connected in a smart world, driving innoation across industries

02:13PM EST - fundamentally changing how people do business

02:14PM EST - When we look at 5G, we look at how 4G changed everything

02:14PM EST - This is why 5G has so much momentum, we look at the possibilities with 5G

02:14PM EST - This transition will be much bigger than 3G/4G

02:15PM EST - The mobile, wireless, and infrastructure industry has evolved since, and they understand each other

02:15PM EST - Going beyond the smartphone, for consumers and enterprise, with new business models

02:15PM EST - The potential goes beyond what we can think of today

02:15PM EST - Five (?) months away

02:15PM EST - Start with a special guest

02:16PM EST - Governer of Hawaii to the stage

02:16PM EST - David Ige

02:16PM EST - Welcoming everyone to HI

02:16PM EST - Destination for millions every year from around the world

02:17PM EST - Study or vacation, people rely on their smartphones for island experiences

02:17PM EST - Transitioning from package tours to independent travelers

02:17PM EST - The next gen of wireless will make a tremendous impact in HI

02:18PM EST - We do know that it has an impact on the economy due to the business opportunities that will become avaialble

02:18PM EST - Ige started his career as an engineer in the wireless industry

02:18PM EST - Excited for the 5G powered future

02:18PM EST - Accelerate the benefits of the mobile industry

02:19PM EST - Growing the economic benefit beyond the smartphone - agriculture, environemnt, vehicles, AI/ML

02:19PM EST - The impact will be expansive for the whole island

02:19PM EST - 5G will help to the goal of HI being 100% renewable by 2045

02:19PM EST - HI is a closed system to help for testing technologies

02:20PM EST - HI is a fast adoptor of new technologies

02:20PM EST - Impact in rural communities for telehealth and telemedicine

02:20PM EST - Impact for 5G

02:20PM EST - Also in education

02:20PM EST - Critical for future succcess

02:20PM EST - Advocate for STEM in HI

02:21PM EST - Become a paradise for technology

02:21PM EST - Amon back to the stage

02:21PM EST - Excitement for 5G, a big event for HI and for Qualcomm

02:22PM EST - Bringing a new area of connectivity

02:22PM EST - Primary focus on smartphones for speed and responsiveness

02:22PM EST - Changing the wireless use cases, such as thinking about the connected enterprise

02:22PM EST - Interesting announcements in the next two days

02:23PM EST - Embracing the Always Connected PC because that's where the end game is

02:23PM EST - Bringin connected to wired devices or devices that haven't been connencted at all

02:23PM EST - 5G should be a basic infrastructure like electricity

02:23PM EST - 5G is here, it isn't far off

02:23PM EST - 5G in this hotel with AT&T and Verizon

02:24PM EST - live 5G network demos later today

02:24PM EST - in the final stages of 5G, flagship smartphones coming soon in 2019

02:24PM EST - Moving from smartphones to cars to every electronic devices

02:24PM EST - The step into the first half of 2019

02:25PM EST - 5G NR reference platform

02:25PM EST - in a smartphone form factor, including mmWave >24 GHz

02:25PM EST - Using the new snapdragon chipset

02:25PM EST - Took a lot of work to get the 5G icon on the top notification bar

02:26PM EST - Identifying users on the correct networki

02:26PM EST - Only months away from commercialization

02:26PM EST - Demo area later today for the press

02:26PM EST - Recap of the history of 5G / mmWave

02:27PM EST - 'Our competitors get billboards in airports about 5G (a dig at Intel), whereas QC actually has demos'

02:27PM EST - Various markets have activity on 5G at once

02:27PM EST - The US is moving launches in 2019 for mmWave and sub-6 GHz

02:28PM EST - No longer a lag to the rest of the world for carriers either - EU operators also at the leading edge

02:28PM EST - committments from operators

02:29PM EST - Also China, and moving on a similar scale with pre-commercial launch in 2019

02:29PM EST - (so China 5G in 2020)

02:29PM EST - Trials of sub 6 GHz and mmWave

02:29PM EST - China Mobile event this week

02:30PM EST - In order to get full 5G capabilities, China Mobile has to reduce its 4G spectrum by 30%

02:30PM EST - Also Korea

02:30PM EST - December 1st is known as 5G day in Korea

02:31PM EST - Japan - 2H2019 for commercial services

02:31PM EST - Also Australia / SEA

02:31PM EST - 5G is so important, the entire industry is moving at the same pace

02:31PM EST - Upgrading the mature smartphone market with new business models and being competitive with the innovation

02:32PM EST - Also alongside AI developing new markets

02:32PM EST - Have to invent new technologies to fuel innovation

02:33PM EST - The 5G hype since 2015

02:33PM EST - First 5G chip announced in June 2016, the X50

02:34PM EST - Feb 2017, small group of companies got together to accelerate 5G to market

02:35PM EST - Starting to live OTA with 5G NR with mobile form factor devices using a variety of operators

02:35PM EST - Couldn't get to this point without hard work from the QC employees

02:35PM EST - 2018 has been a year of execution

02:35PM EST - >video of QC employees discussing 5G

02:37PM EST - Why 5G is a Qualcomm sized problem

02:37PM EST - Expectation for 5G is high for devices and for infrastructure

02:37PM EST - The bar is very high for what users expect as we drive a new transition of wireless

02:38PM EST - That journey starts with the networks. Combining multi-gigabit data with low latency

02:38PM EST - From smart cars to smart meters to smart factories

02:38PM EST - The technology has been developed to meet those networks

02:39PM EST - Requires a system level solution. It's not enough just to have a chip

02:39PM EST - Starts witht he complexity of spectrum

02:39PM EST - mmWave >24 GHz for high bandwidth

02:39PM EST - Sub-6 GHz, FDD, TDD, licensed and unlicensed spectrum

02:40PM EST - Diverse deployments

02:40PM EST - Continue to see band combinations

02:40PM EST - Not just about launching devices, it's about evolving the industry over time as the technology continues to mature

02:40PM EST - Carrier aggregation between 4G and 5G

02:41PM EST - Has to be done in a way that abstracts the technology for new industries, but also be scalable at competitive price points

02:41PM EST - Just the beginning

02:41PM EST - The network is half the complexity, the rest is in the device

02:41PM EST - A lot of the expectation is in the device

02:42PM EST - Ultra-fast access to services and high-definition streaming

02:42PM EST - Gaming experiences that forget you're on a smartphone

02:42PM EST - Move seamlessly across 5G and 4G networks

02:43PM EST - Meeting demands: link budgets, size requirements (antenna combinations), mobility, power consumption, thermal perfomance, RF

02:43PM EST - Complexity of a multi-radio, multigigabit environment

02:43PM EST - Qualcomm Refernce Design with the 5G Icon was an imporatnt moment

02:44PM EST - Qualcomm is uniquely positioned for this problem

02:44PM EST - Confidence about 5G smartphones to customers in the US in first half 2019

02:44PM EST - Meeting the expectations and going beyond the nay-sayers

02:45PM EST - Enabling performance in a smartphone form factor with regular smartphone use cases

02:45PM EST - This is why 5G is a Qualcomm sized problem

02:46PM EST - Overcoming challenges such as path loss, blaockage, and size/power constraints

02:47PM EST - QC had to get in the RF antenna business to overcome the many complexities of 5G

02:47PM EST - Creating a solution from modem to antenna

02:47PM EST - Using QTM052 antenna modules into devices

02:48PM EST - enabling smaller form factors

02:49PM EST - Ongoing collaborations

02:49PM EST - The operator ecosystem is making significant investments into the telecom sector

02:50PM EST - Working with them in trials and prototyping and users

02:50PM EST - Beyond the operators, it is about the partnership with OEMs

02:50PM EST - Ecosystem partners are here at the event

02:50PM EST - Verizon to the stage

02:51PM EST - 4G is serving millions of custoemrs today, and still lots of innovation happening on the 4G network today

02:51PM EST - Can't get a great 5G network without a great 4G network

02:51PM EST - A year ago, the talk about 5G was in the future. Today, it's in the present tense

02:52PM EST - 5G requires collaboration between carriers and infrastructure and technology companies

02:52PM EST - Seeing cool people doing innovative things in the demo area

02:52PM EST - Accelerating the deployment of this technology

02:53PM EST - Launched a 5G home product in four cities in the US

02:53PM EST - (that's a 5G-to-Wifi service)

02:53PM EST - Built on mmWave

02:54PM EST - Ultra-wide-band network

02:54PM EST - With 5G, Verizon thinks there's a first mover advantage in deployment, partnerships, and product

02:55PM EST - Video time

02:55PM EST - Verizon and Ericsson

02:55PM EST - mmWave up to 1 Gbps, Verizon will use 28 GHz and 39 GHz

02:56PM EST - mmWave at 1 Gbps up to 3000 ft away, 800 Mbps at 1/3 mile

02:57PM EST - 800 Mbps with non-line of sight at a few hundred yards

02:57PM EST - 900 Mbps through two US walls

02:58PM EST - Beam selection for best speed happens instantenously

02:58PM EST - mmWave signal is more resiliant than anyone expected

02:58PM EST - Only using half of the Verizon spectrum at this point

02:59PM EST - Full speed ahead on mobile service

03:00PM EST - First 3GPP open air trials in June

03:00PM EST - August for moving vehicle

03:00PM EST - Commercial network commitment to a smartphone a few weeks ago

03:00PM EST - This morning did a live video call on commercial equipment smartphone-to-smartphone through two different 5G nodes

03:00PM EST - One of the first 5G smartphones coming to Verizon coming in early Q1 2019

03:01PM EST - Moto 5G mod coming in early 2019 (that's been delayed then)

03:01PM EST - First 5G smartphone with Samsung in Q1

03:01PM EST - Mobile 5G hotspots from insigo (?)

03:01PM EST - The ecosystem and elements are coming together

03:01PM EST - Also how to encourage innovation

03:01PM EST - and collaboration

03:02PM EST - Labs have live 5G nodes installed

03:02PM EST - access to a live 5G network to develop their 5G applications and solutions

03:02PM EST - including telemedicine

03:02PM EST - e.g. remote physical therapy

03:02PM EST - also distance learning tools

03:02PM EST - Taking cloud gaming to new levels

03:03PM EST - Developing mixed immersive and augmented reality

03:03PM EST - hitting multiple industries

03:03PM EST - Labs currently in NYC + Massachusetts

03:03PM EST - DC, LA, and Bay Area labs coming

03:04PM EST - Evolving day-by-day

03:04PM EST - The process requires committment and deep collaboration

03:04PM EST - Pushing the boundaries of the technology

03:04PM EST - Still more to come, the technology will mature

03:05PM EST - Cristiano back to the stage

03:05PM EST - Back in the day, people said CDMA wouldn't work. They said the same thing about mmWave

03:06PM EST - Now bringing the technology to market

03:06PM EST - Changing experiences

03:06PM EST - The way to describe connectivity requirements start with video

03:07PM EST - latency and bandwidth enable new experiences

03:07PM EST - doing AI in the cloud or on the edge for improvements to the user experience

03:08PM EST - Enabling a virtual presence

03:08PM EST - Most of the 5G use cases are yet to be invented

03:08PM EST - THe mature mobile development ecosystem will drive this faster than ever before

03:09PM EST - AT&T to the stage

03:10PM EST - 5G changes the way we interact and do business

03:10PM EST - improving current business models, creating new ones

03:10PM EST - Have to pay off on that promise

03:11PM EST - Delivering 5G requires an ecosystem

03:11PM EST - moreso than at any other time in the wireless ecosystem

03:11PM EST - 5G has five key requirements and foundations for an ecosystem

03:12PM EST - Interaction required to unlock the benefits at a pace and depth to increase UX

03:12PM EST - Content is important, instant access to content is important, working with developers is important

03:13PM EST - partners new, existing, or ones that haven't been dreamed of - has to be driven in multiple areas

03:13PM EST - AT&T is in the right place at the right time

03:13PM EST - innovation thrives on the ability to get benefits from the result

03:13PM EST - Driving the future forward

03:14PM EST - for Enterprise

03:14PM EST - AT&T expects 5G to be in the enterprise first

03:14PM EST - Enabling markets that weren't possible or cost effective before

03:14PM EST - e.g. portable 5G for broadcasting

03:15PM EST - smart manufacturing

03:15PM EST - enabling productivity in manufacturing and services

03:15PM EST - 5G will improve the retail experience for the customer but also the data insights

03:16PM EST - 5G enables security, reliability, for the enterprise

03:17PM EST - Also consumer 5G

03:18PM EST - e.g. attending a concert without actually being there

03:18PM EST - Consumers are looking for more which 5G can help deliver

03:19PM EST - AT&T will have Mobile 5G in 19 cities in 2019

03:20PM EST - It's all about firsts for AT&T

03:20PM EST - 5G networks in 12 cities this year

03:21PM EST - Enabling users that want something more, evne if they don't realise it

03:22PM EST - Amon back to the stage

03:22PM EST - 5G networking infrastructure requires mmWave, sub-6, and Gigabit LTE

03:23PM EST - THis is why Gigabit LTE has been essential for deployment of 5G

03:23PM EST - makes handover more seamless

03:23PM EST - EE to the stage

03:26PM EST - Collaboration with Qualcomm during the 4G era

03:27PM EST - 5G has to have a great 4G experience behind it

03:28PM EST - 4G went from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps in a few years

03:28PM EST - >1 Gbps is needed in the next decade

03:28PM EST - Can't just throw hardware and capacity at the issue

03:29PM EST - innovation from Qualcomm creates responsibility for the networks

03:29PM EST - 5G = 4G + 5G

03:29PM EST - Creating a defect free network through virtualization

03:31PM EST - Ambition is 100% coverage with 4G and 5G

03:31PM EST - EE acquired sub-6 spectrum in the UK

03:31PM EST - Managed services type of connectivity

03:32PM EST - 1500 sites of 90,000 4G sites in the UK carry 25% of the data demand, and 15% of the population (households)

03:33PM EST - Enabling a converged connection for businesses to enable new use cases or improve old ones

03:34PM EST - 6 primary 5G launch sites for UK, another 10 in 2019

03:34PM EST - Starting with the primary metropolitan areas

03:35PM EST - Canary Wharf EE 5G-to-Wifi demo a few weeks ago

03:35PM EST - Two use cases - mobile devices and fixed wireless access

03:36PM EST - Enabling incredible wifi expereinces with 5G-to-wifi services

03:39PM EST - Live demo showing 1.4 Gbps 5G connectivity

03:39PM EST - 5G trials over 10 East London sites

03:40PM EST - Amon back to the stage

03:40PM EST - China Mobile event in a couple of days

03:41PM EST - Now talking processors

03:43PM EST - Alex Katouzian to the stage, VP and GM of Mobile Qualcomm Technologies

03:43PM EST - That's a cool t-shirt

03:43PM EST - Achieved great UX with Snapdragon 845

03:43PM EST - Announcing something new

03:45PM EST - A Super Snapdragon

03:45PM EST - Announcing Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform

03:45PM EST - Five key tenets

03:45PM EST - 1) Connecting 4G and 5G, 2) Intelligent arch, 3) AI, 4) Photo/video, 5) Entertainment

03:45PM EST - Details tomorrow

03:46PM EST - New 4th gen AI engine

03:46PM EST - 3x perf improvement

03:46PM EST - Over Kryo, Adreno, and Hexagon

03:46PM EST - Intelligent architecture - picks the one that works best or uses multiple

03:46PM EST - 2x the nearest competitor SoC

03:47PM EST - 2x over Kirin 980

03:47PM EST - Significantly ahead of Apple

03:47PM EST - First computer vision ISP

03:48PM EST - Used along with the AI engine to capture best photos and videos

03:48PM EST - Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor for biometrics

03:48PM EST - World's first ultrasonic fingerprint under display

03:49PM EST - Can work with any contaminents

03:49PM EST - Mobile Gaming focus

03:50PM EST - Announcing Snapdragon Elite Gaming

03:50PM EST - Enabling tuning for the best experience

03:50PM EST - Cinematic graphics, audio, long battery life

03:50PM EST - Console gaming now on mobile

03:50PM EST - Also 5G

03:51PM EST - enabling AI, Camera, Gaming, XR, and Video

03:51PM EST - Video time

03:52PM EST - Snapdragon 855 details tomorrow

03:52PM EST - Set the bar for the premium tier for 2019

03:53PM EST - Setting the experience for users

03:53PM EST - one more guest

03:53PM EST - Samsung, Justin Denison

03:54PM EST - 5G to Benefit Everyone

03:54PM EST - It will be the connective tissue of the 4th Industrial Revolution

03:54PM EST - Samsung will do what it always has - radical ideas into real possibilities

03:55PM EST - Built on openness, innovation, and security

03:55PM EST - Remain a trusted partner of governments, security, and enterprise

03:56PM EST - first to FCC approval for commercial 5G products

03:56PM EST - Connected living fueled by 5G

03:56PM EST - Supported the first 5G broadband service with Verizon

03:56PM EST - Key technology supplier for 5G mobile network for AT&T

03:57PM EST - Announced support for first mobile network launch in Korea

03:57PM EST - First 5G smartphones to the US in first half 2019, powered by 855

03:58PM EST - hyperdownloading, hyperstreaming

03:58PM EST - 5G video calls across the world

03:58PM EST - no lag

03:58PM EST - Downloading a years of content as you walk onto the plane

03:59PM EST - 5G exhibition zone with an early sample of the first Samsung 5G smartphone working on the 5G network

03:59PM EST - building towards deploying 5G technology

04:00PM EST - video time

04:01PM EST - (I bet that demo will be packed)

04:03PM EST - 5G is just the tip of the iceberg

04:03PM EST - The new wireless edge

04:03PM EST - Working across the ecosystem to make it possible

04:04PM EST - This time next year, will be talking about the experiences powered by 5G

04:06PM EST - Panel Q&A with moderator

04:07PM EST - Sascha Sagan from PCMag as moderator

04:21PM EST - Q: There is still skepticism in mmWave, despite what QC said today, such as coverage, penetration and range. How are you facing those challenges and beat down the skeptical comments? A: THis is why we like the sentence 'make the impossible, inevitable'. With new technologies, people always say they don't work, such as when we did CDMA. We started working with mmWave a while ago. 802.11ad is an example of mmWave at 60 GHz. We have commercial products today with use-cases. The techniques like antennas and beam forming, there were a number of breakthrough technologies required to enable them. Back then they didn't exist, and we have worked towards them. I like the real worse case scenarios show it works in the field already out today. We have devices under test. It will be part of a great mobile experience for the future.

04:28PM EST - Q) Verizon, what are you learning about the 5G experiences and towards mobility? A: We've been testing mmWave for a while - I have nothing else to say to the skeptics, as we'll keep deploying and you will catch up. Deploying this technology as early as possible is an advantage to our understanding of the technology. It enables us to work towards performance and reliability standards as early as possible. It also enables our customers to give feedback and for us to develop the right packages for them. It enables them to do more. Demand is real, we are on the cusp, and the learning we get from customers and even things like our installation process is always important in a seamless friction free process.

04:28PM EST - Q) AT&T - the use of the phrase 5G evolution to refer to LTE and LTE-LAA technologies. If that's 5G evolution, why do you even need 5G NR at all? What will it enable? A: I think in it this way - the customer doesn't need to think about the exact technology - they only care on the performance and what it enables. 5G-E is a name: we want our customers to have a foundation towards where we are heading. We're deploying software upgradable radios that are 5G ready. We've got to start talk about uses over technologies. Customers care about use, not technology, and the value of why they are switching.

04:28PM EST - Q) When the build out is done, will customers will have to pay attention to what their interface is on? Do these merged technologies like 4G and 5G do they become one industinguishable thing? A: AT&T: yes, there will be multiple technologies and indicators with transitions, mmWave to sub-6 etc. It's not about the indicator, it's about what you can do. Verizon: I do think it's going to be confusing if we don't make it simple. You're already seeing it in how companies talk about 5G. Customers want their phone to work: first and foremost it's about coverage, then it's about speeds and other elements. We did a test of 1.54 Gbps with existing technologies on 4G recently, but that's a capability. What happens to operators is that we have capabilities and tools - we're deploying a netowkr not for peak speeds but for usability and use cases through scale and expansion. We need customers and businesses to find value and use the service. It's a different paradigm for the first phase.

04:29PM EST - Q) Justin: You have to build the devices. What kind of perfoamnce should we expect from the first round of 5G devices? We all remember the first round of 4G! A: We're ready to show that customers will be able to do what they've done faster than ever before. We've got a number of demos later that show we can do things better - 4K streaming and consumption simultaneously, for example. Over the years we will see new use cases develop. Amon: When 4G launched, we said 100 Mbps, and we're on 10x with Gigabit LTE. As we start building the coverage and the ability to see the 5G service, applications will be developed to improve 5G and 4G. We expect to break 2 gigabit with 4G! EE: We talk about latency for business, but latency matters for consumers! It's amazing how people like gamers will be able to have an improved experience. Also smartphones will have more memory over time, so how we consume content will change too.

04:29PM EST - Q) 3G and 4G were industry disrupters. What kind of trends do you see with industries that lose out with the 5G transition? A: When 5G starts, the mobile landscape is ready. In before, the early days of 4G, the key comments were that people don't need 4G, and we now have it everywhere. Today the smartphone is more mature these days, so as you give developers what is essentially wireless fiber to the phone, then the device form factor could change, the use cases could change, and what people develop will change. Now with 5G, we can get smartphones connect with the cloud reliably for things like AI and ML. Every genreation of wireless has introduced a lot of change, even with skeptics. The new platform allows developers to expand.

04:31PM EST - Q) Service plans and device pricing. A lot of sense from the average reader that smartphones are getting more expensive, and plans are getting more expensive. People expect 5G devices means that they'll hit data caps faster. Can you give us some trends?

04:32PM EST - A) AT&T: It's not about a single device or experience or industry. One of the real positives of 5G is the impact on society. We're going to have many devices doing things that people never imagined. The paradigm of thinking about pricing has to shift. It's not what the technology can do for the customer, it's how they can get value for what it does. We're going to take this in stages.

04:33PM EST - A) Samsung: It's up to us to give value to the consumer. We need to make it clear and transparent without burderning the consumer. If we create the right value then we have succeeded with clear benefits on the service plan side as well. We can get consumers excited. If you develop enough value, consumers will pay.

04:35PM EST - A: These things will roll out in phases. I don't expect the first phase to be so different that consumers won't understand, but enabling current experiences be better today. It will be about differentiated experiences as well and creating value. Our track record is good on this. Consumers will pay on a differentiated service. 5G has that promise, but it will evolve.

04:35PM EST - (That A was Verizon)

04:37PM EST - A) BT/EE: I believe the consumers will create more experiences over time. It becomes an elevated experience. I think the consumer will be in the position to perhaps pay a little more for that customer experience. It's not just about the device, it's how you sell the device, and what it comes with, and how customers use it. These things happen over time. It's like AI - that has come over time, not as a big thing at once. We have a lot of innovation coming in and this is an opportunity for everything coming in at once.

04:43PM EST - Q) As we move towards this 5G year, six months from now how broadly will 5G be available to consumers in terms of networks and devices?

04:43PM EST - A) Amon: We will start to see the build out of 855-MP devices and enable a lot of flagship launches. When you get to six months from now and look into 2H2019, we see today everyone the flagship Snapdragon partner base clearly moving towards a 5G device. You have a lot of activity happening in the industry and enterprise build out where the nature of the deployment is wifi-like connecting lots of devices. Those devices need to interconnect with things as we evolve.

04:43PM EST - A) Samsung: We've made two announcements in three days! In Korea we demonstrated the same sample device as we've got here. We're very open with partners around the world, we've said it's coming in the first half on a global scale from Samsung and we're pushing very hard.

04:43PM EST - A) EE: We need to stay fantastic on our network. That's our core business. It's a year of super preparation. We need to take a big step, and we need to architect the network to be resiliant. This is not a simple upgrade over 4G - it requires a lot of hard work! We have to have a defect free network. There will be slices of commercial networks for security e.g. backhaul. You can't have a bottleneck somewhere.

04:44PM EST - A) Verizon: 5G in the RAN is just one element of the end-to-end network. It begins with software virtualized edges and deep fiber assets. It's because we can have those assets be multipurpose in our network. When we think about 5G, initially, has a fantastic capacity solution. You will see us deploy it in this way. We will go to where the traffic is. We did that with 4G too. This deep fiber network is multi-purpose. It enables us to keep small business and wholesale opportunities. It's all the end-to-end architecture.

04:45PM EST - A) AT&T: We're still finishing 2018! We're going to 12 markets by end of year. In 2019 we're expanding into markets with 5G-E and 5G, we're thinking more broadly beyond mmWave. That's when we're going to breed innovation built on a 5G platform. Ultimately giving value to the customer.

04:45PM EST - That's a wrap. Time for lunch then some demos.

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  • CajunArson - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    It doesn't really matter if Qualcomm gets some modems out to market a few months ahead of Intel when this mythical "millimeter wave" infrastructure is so short-range that it makes your home WiFi router look like a cell tower.
  • Defvphysics - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    Such an ignorant comment when Verizon just showed a video in the keynote of working mmW 5G at gigabit speeds in various adverse conditions like rain, NLOS, foilage, in building, and including one test with range of 3000+ ft.
  • SquarePeg - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    Really? You would point to a Verizon marketing/propaganda video as an indication of real world performance? Here's a safe bet for ya, mmwave won't live up to the near miraculous levels of hype. Here's another safe bet, 5G is going to drive up smartphone TCO by a significant margin.
  • CajunArson - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    Well I guess we have confirmation that Verizon pays shills to sh!t post propaganda that a three year old could see through.

    But wait: I thought 4G was supposed to already be giving us those magical gigabit speeds from way more than a few football fields away!

    You know, like how back in 2016 we were already supposed to have gigabit 4G: https://www.zdnet.com/article/one-gigabit-4g-the-c...

    The hype must always be right! Right?
  • Defvphysics - Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - link

    Well, no. I am actually an engineer that worked with the MTP (Mobile Test Platform), Qualcomm's test platform provided to us for 5G mobility testing. And I can say that, mmW is a challenge, but mmW is not something unreasonable. mmW have been around for a long time, especially in military radar applications. The software and RFICs have come a long way, it's exciting to see mmW in rolling out in commercial applications. I am excited about it. so shills like you that come out to discourage the hardwork that we trying to do to bring new tech to the mass is shit.

    I can't speak for the gigabit 4G. But all i can say is that for 5G, baseband infrastructures designs have been collaborating with chip designers much more and earlier than 3G/4G did, hope this will enable users to reach peak speeds more.
  • lowlymarine - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    I can't wait for a fancy new power-guzzling 20x20 MIMO 4096 QAM mmwave tachyon-driven antimatter-injected 5G modem to get the same ~30 Mbps average I've been getting on every phone and carrier ever since LTE first rolled out back in 2011.

    I guess making CPU cores that actually deliver remotely comparable performance to your competition (*cough*A12*cough*) doesn't market as well as stupid networking buzzwords, though.
  • Stochastic - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    "The paradigm of thinking about pricing has to shift. It's not what the technology can do for the customer, it's how they can get value for what it does."

    Translation from corporate speak: get ready to open up your wallets.
  • c933103 - Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - link

    The removal of Net Neutrality make it really convenience. Now with the extra bandwidth, they can advertise things like "unlimited Netflix data: 30USD", "unlimited Spotify data: 15USD", "unlimited yYoutube data: 30USD" and such, selling internet connection according to destination site instead of the volume used by customers, and pay for each individual site that customers want to access.
  • c933103 - Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - link

    AT&T: "customer doesn't need to think about the exact technology - they only care on the performance and what it enables."

    What a flying joke. Why would AT&T advertise "5G" if they think so.

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