Diamond Stealth II G460

by Anand Lal Shimpi on April 9, 1998 9:10 PM EST
For the past few months, the 2D/3D combination market has been without a true leader rapidly spinning the market into a state of confusion for those looking for a combo card. Diamond Stealth II G460
Cards based on Intel's i740 chipset were quite limited in their success primarily due to the fact that they had to live up to the incredible standards the Real3D StarFighter (the first i740 card) imposed on the industry.   While there were quite a few successes cost wise, the lack of driver support and the common "wait until Intel releases them" response to the question about an OpenGL Installable Client Driver (ICD) for Quake 2 compatibility left Real3D virtually alone at the top of that list...until now.   

Remembering to keep costs down to an affordable level, Diamond Multimedia managed to produce and support an i740 card that gives the Real3D StarFighter some actual competition.  However with the release of the Matrox G200 upon us and the new comers to the combo market approaching ever so quietly is an i740 based graphics card still worth the money invested?

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