DLP Enhancements from TI

by Manveer Wasson on January 7, 2008 4:57 PM EST
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TI Is showing off their latest enhancements to their DLP technology including DualView, LED backlighting, and 240Hz refresh rates.  
DualView lets two people play a typically split-screen game (like Halo 3 or PGR4) full screen at the same time.  Players need to wear special glasses in order to see their part of the screen.  The system works by utilizing 120Hz refresh rate technology and by alternating the screen output of each player.  The special glasses filter out one view or the other.   Future applications include allowing two people to watch two different programs at the same time on the same TV.  Any 3-D ready DLP set available today will work with this technology.  We are suspicious of the impact this will have on the average consumer as glasses for stereoscopic viewing haven't taken off on the PC even though they've been available for years. Pricing and availability has yet to be announced, but expect it sometime this year.
Samsung has had LED backlit DLP TV's for over a year now.  This year TI is enhancing the LED light engine to include 240Hz refresh rates (yes, 120Hz is officially old news), and 500,000:1 contrast ratio. We will let you know if this has any real visual impact after we are able to spend more time with the technology.

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  • mdoverkill - Monday, January 7, 2008 - link

    Too bad most of the companies who make rear projection televisions will no longer be making them in a few months. Sony, Hitachi, and Seiko, are all ceasing production =(. It's really a shame, bang for the buck you really can't beat RPTVs.
  • slashbinslashbash - Monday, January 7, 2008 - link

    I think the split-screen thing with the glasses is pretty awesome. Integrate a headset with headphones and glasses, and you can have a nice TV being shared by multiple people watching multiple sources! Brilliant! No more fighting over what channel to watch! :)

    Also, I don't think that it's correct to refer to DLP sets as being LED "backlit". Flat-panel LCD's, yes. Rear-projection (DLP, LCoS, LCD) TV's are not backlit, they are projected using a lamp. It is great that the lamps for rear-projectors and the backlights for flat-panels are now switching over to LED's, but they're not the same thing.

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