The very first enthusiast SSDs had their roots in USB drives. Memory vendors that were making USB sticks thought to put a bunch of NAND in parallel behind a rudimentary NAND to SATA controller and you had an SSD. Performance characteristics looked great on paper but of course there were teething problems. These days the reverse has happened. High end USB sticks now look a lot like small SSDs. USB 3.0 SSDs were either too bulky to carry around or weren't that impressive from a performance standpoint, but SuperTalent just showed me one that is quite tempting. This is the SuperTalent USB 3.0 Express RC8, it's a USB stick that has a SF-1222 controller just like the previous generation of high end SSDs: With four NAND...

SuperTalent Introduces USB 3.0 Virtual PC Flash Drives

On the move, or in the groove, SuperTalent reckons they have the product for you. What we have here is a press release for a combination product - a...

23 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 12/1/2010

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